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Your electronic and mechatronic design office.

H2 MOTRONICS Advanced Research is an R&D office specialising in electronics and mechatronics projects offering tailor-made solutions.

Our company

H2 Motronics is a subsidiary of Texys which focuses on engineering consultancy, offering design and industrial development for all types of industries:

  • components and sub-assemblies,engineered products
  • tooling and equipment
  • electromechanical systems
  • all types of ground vehicles and systems
  • manufacturing or assembly process

Texys Group chose an innovative hub of startups and companies known as “L’Inkub” set up in Nevers city. The hub provides a unique and peaceful location for H2 Motronics.

The H2K Project

The world of mobility is changing and the next step after electrification will be the hydrogen fuel cell.

H2 Motronics express the will to demonstrate its capacity in technical and innovative project management. Developing a proof of concept with the modern powertrain. The extreme constraints of a racing motorcycle will showcase both compacity and performance requirements.

The first target market will be the junior motorcycle racing circuit, offering a concept that will evolve over the years in terms of development and performance. Tackling the constraints of both racing outside and the motorcycle itself.
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H2 Motronics, as part of the H2K project, is a member of the Club H2 Bourgogne Franche Comté.

Club H2

Our partners


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

H2 Motronics

7 bis rue du 13e de Ligne
58000 Nevers