Our solutions

Our solutions

H2 Motronics - Advanced Research

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Our solutions

Based on the specifications defined with the customer or built by us according to the needs expressed by our customers, H2 Motronics will provide you with a complete package:

  1. Technical consultancy & engineering study
  2. Custom product development with dedicated management solution (SW & HW) adapted to the client’s application
  3. Manufacturing of embedded sensors via Texys Group facilities
  4. Integration of our solutions into our customers' systems

TECHNICAL CONSULTINGEngineering consultancy

H2 Motronics will offer engineering studies on the following fields:

  • Feasibility study

  • Pre-study, modelling, simulation, components dimensioning and selection

  • Mechanical integration of sub-assemblies

  • Developments, testing



H2 Motronics will offer complete electronics solutions in both hardware and software areas:

  • System design

  • Modelling & simulation

  • Control system design

  • Integration & validation

Depending on the concept’s complexity, a study can take from a few days to several months to develop the boards, mechatronics and software. Everything is tailor-made.



Delivery of finished products

In the context of IoT and leveraging on TEXYS Group’s core business in sensors over the past 20+ years, any project we take care of will trigger the development of specific devices dedicated to end-client applications.

H2 Motronics will design sensors for R&D projects with compact and lightweight packaging in mind, as usual, such as:

  • Sensors developed around the hydrogen ecosystem,

  • Battery cell temperature sensors,

  • Liquid cooling conductivity sensor and its signal conditioning,

  • PTH (pressure temperature hygrometry) and its signal conditioning,

  • Turbo vibration monitoring,

  • Optical torque meter developed together with Optel-Texys (shaft deformation monitoring)

H2 Motronics oversees the study and design of the product, system, or solution. For the rest of the process, we rely on Texys Group's facilities and expertise, entrusting manufacturing to our Production unit: the entire chain is mastered, from prototyping to series production and after-sales service. H2 Motronics guarantees its manufactured products, with a fine-tuning and adjustment phase before series production. We ensure optimum reliability of our solutions to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.